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We are starting a Family - Coming together in Love, Unity and Support! Triple Grace is establishing Families of the LORD in all Nations and all Towns. GOD, the Father is calling you into Unity, into a Family of Faith. Separate yourself from the World, unite in true Faith and liberate yourself from all earthly temptations and dependencies. Our Societies of the Rose will bring you together in a Community of Friends, the Family of the LORD, in which you are supported, protected and where you can fulfill your destiny, your purpose on Earth. We operate outside of the World without any dependencies on governmental systems, leaving behind our daily worries and fears and instead doing daily active deeds for our Father in Heaven. Being a Light in the Darkness we lift up the meek and suffering, engage with the nameless and faceless and live in equality within a true Family. Liberate yourself from the daily stress, career thinking and hunting for money and embrace the Love of the Father, his protection and support. Set yourself free from a system that has enslaved you and tries to dominate and spy over you daily. We support one another in all situations, decide together, give all complete freedom, do Acts of Loving-Kindness, show forth Love and compassion to our neighbors, work together for Kingdom purposes and love our GOD above all else. In our Families we walk as Jesus did, we talk as Jesus did and we act as Jesus did. In Unity with the true Love of GOD towards His creation and filled with Spirit and Truth. Join our Societies of the Rose and be part of the Family of GOD today: https://www.triple-grace.com/how-to-start-a-society-of-the-rose Michael Triple Grace

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