Royalty for the KING of KINGS

Royalty for the KING of KINGS - Investment for Kingdom purposes! Are you using your money for worldly purposes only? Have you paid your Royalties towards the KING of KINGS? Royalty for GOD??? In October you are called to pay your Royalties for the LORD. Royalties that will bring forth His Love in this world, support His Missions, build His Places of Safety and advance His Kingdom to come. Simply pay your Royalties by changing your usual investments, gifts, payments to worldly entities as Banks, Stock markets, Investment funds and donations towards using your resources to advance the Kingdom. Become a supporter or patron of organizations that advance the Kingdom or gathering the believers in Love, Unity and Support. The LORD asked you to share your resources for the Glory of GOD only. Have you ever seen GOD's Banking? Have a look here: Instead to waste your funds in the stock market invest in the Kingdom of GOD here: What kind of rewards offer an investment fund of the LORD? Every person who helps to bring other lost sheep to righteousness will shine as the stars in heaven (Daniel 12) and sharing resources will allow the spreading of Righteousness on Earth. Our Kingdom Investment Fund will give you in addition to the spiritual benefits, membership in a Place of Safety, access to a Community of Friends, free monthly personal prophetic Words and a free training plan at the Triple Grace Training Academy. Pay your Royalties to GOD by changing your worldly investment for heavenly engagements in the Investment Fund of the LORD. Please review the concept of GOD's Banking: and take it to the LORD for discernment. Pray for understand and if the LORD guides you to join His Investment Fund to bring forth Love, Unity and Support into this dark World then share a gift here: Or change your investment habits permanently by becoming a Patron, a helper of the LORD, with monthly assistance here: In October your Royalties for the LORD are due. Sharing is caring and especially for Kingdom purposes! We enter a whole new World and you can be a part of it. Michael Triple Grace GOD's Banking:

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