Prophetic Word for the 7th of October 2018

Prophetic Word for the 7th of October 2018 - Choose today whom you serve! I see the prophet Elijah on the mountain. He is calling to the people that today they have to choose whom they serve - Either GOD or Jezebel. He is calling down fire from Heaven and Thunder sounds. Many people are afraid and start to hide but there is no place to hide. A few brave people come over to Elijah and join him. This seems to be the only safe place on earth as destruction continues to come forth. The LORD says: "I will send you Elijah before the coming of the great day of the LORD. Him you should hear and follow." "Choose today whom your serve! Me or the world system, represented by Jezebel. Whosoever comes over to my side will be protected from any harm and destruction." The new way is laid in front of you but it requires full commitment. Not half way! The lukewarm believers will be removed from the book of life. Choose today whom you serve! Michael Triple Grace Receive your own personal prophetic Word: Join the Triple Grace Training Academy:

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