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Spirit and Truth - Not Spirit or Truth! We are asked as true Sons and Daughters of GOD to walk in Spirit and Truth. What is Spirit and Truth? The Helmet of Salvation is Truth - Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The Sword of the Spirit is the Spirit poured out on all flesh. Where is the problem? Most believers are walking in Truth only and reject the Spirit because they are afraid to embrace dreams, visions, epiphanies and intuitions. To understand the Spirit is not easy and we needed to embrace the truth first. We see that truth came first and now in the end times the Spirit is poured out on all flesh and we have dreams and visions, speaking in tongues, have epiphanies, the Saints of Old will attend to us and there will be a converging of Heaven and Earth. Only if we understand and embrace the Spirit we will be complete in our walk with GOD and we will become true Sons and Daughters of GOD. Many believers reject the gifts of the spirit because they fear that they will enter the demonic realm, new age and being subject to the Enemy. And in reality if you enter to deeply in the water of the Spirit you can encounter sharks that will bite you but if you enter to deeply in truth you might encounter the demons of a religious spirit also. The right way is to balance Spirit and Truth through right discernment and not by fear. Always ask the LORD when in doubt and do not think that you know all things between Heaven and Earth. We are still learning and will continue to learn until our LORD JESUS will come to establish the Millennium Kingdom. Do not reject messages from other believers about dreams and visions. Do not think that you know it better and know it all. We have only puzzle pieces and we are asked to be open minded for the new thing the LORD is bringing forth. It is absolute imperative that we embrace the Spirit and listen more to our dreams and visions. If you have no dreams nor visions, please pray to the LORD so that he will send you the messages for your personal destiny in GOD. Write them down, compare them to other messages from believers and cross-reference them to the Bible. You will find great wisdom in them. Only when we walk in Spirit and Truth we can become true Sons and Daughters of GOD and walk in our destinies, our purpose here on Earth! Michael Triple Grace Take part in the Triple Grace Training Academy: https://www.triple-grace.com/plans-pricing Receive your personal prophetic Word: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1269618&rid=2985930

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