Prophetic Word for the 31st of October 2018

Prophetic Word for the 31st of October 2018 - Be an example! I see people who look like Jesus, act like Him, walk like Him and talk like HIM. They are like His Twins and they are men and women alike. These are the ones who follow His great example, who copy His ways and show forth His Love to all Nations. Thousand of people who look like Jesus and who gather the people together in Love, Unity and Support with daily active deeds being the Light in the Darkness. Be an example of our LORD and bring many people to righteousness so that you may shine as the stars in Heaven. JESUS is our great example and you can only take up your cross by copying His ways. Be an example of righteousness in your neighborhood and lift up the needy who need your help. Only as an example you can gather the Nations! Michael Triple Grace Stand with the LORD in our Kingdom Purpose Week: Become a Commonwealth of GOD Sponsor: Be listed on our website on the Kingdom Purpose Wall:

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