Millions of Acts of Loving-Kindness

Millions of Acts of Loving-Kindness in the next 7 years will create a multitude walking in Righteousness! The Societies of the Rose meet daily to do at least one Act of Loving-Kindness towards the needy. If we have 1000 Societies of the Rose in all Nations then we have 1000 fulfilled Acts of Loving-Kindness per day. In a year we will have 365000 Acts of Loving-Kindness done in the World which will give us 2555000 Acts in 7 years. 2555000 Acts of Loving-Kindness for the LORD will help in average 10 Million people who were in need! And these with 1000 Societies of the Rose alone. What can we achieve with 10000 or 100000 Societies of the Rose? Millions over millions of people in need will see the Light, will receive the helping hand of the Father, will see the Glory of GOD and will be let to Righteousness. All what you need to do is to start right now! Join Triple Grace and establish a Society of the Rose in your neighborhood, build a team of true believers and establish more Societies in your area. Be part of the greatest harvest the World has ever seen and be counted worthy by the LORD! Triple Grace is for free and you will learn to start and build your Society of the Rose right away. Great Resources, video tutorials, exchange forums and personal help from me awaits you. Go and sign up today: Free to join and free to learn - Be part of the Commonwealth of GOD for His Glory and the Glory of his only begotten son Jesus! Michael Triple Grace

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