Prophetic Word for the 9th of November 2018

Prophetic Word for the 9th of November 2018 - Serve the LORD! I see Myriam sitting at the feet of the LORD and washing his feet. She does not stop even when people complain. The LORD praises her work for Him. The time has come where we must come very close to the LORD and serve Him so that we may shine forth as He did. Learn from the LORD and copy His ways. If we come down from our high positions and do a lowly work as washing the feet of someone we show forth true love and we are ready to lift up the needy and suffering in this world. Only then we are ready to walk as true Sons and Daughters of GOD into all Nations and be the Light in the Darkness. Come down from your high horses, your positions of arrogance, your career thinking and your money oriented ways. Serve the LORD and the LORD only! Become like Him and take your cross to shine forth as the Stars in Heaven. Michael Triple Grace Stand with the LORD in our Kingdom Purpose Week: Become a Commonwealth of GOD Sponsor: Be listed on our website on the Kingdom Purpose Wall: