Do not stand alone in your Faith!

We will fail as Christians if we continue to fight alone - Therefore come together to support one another! Everybody must help out and must support the next fellow believer. The LORD calls us into a new Community of Sons and Daughters of GOD. When we work together, learn together, act together then we are much stronger and can stand against anything the enemy is throwing at us. At Triple Grace we offer you such a Community where you can join with other believers in forums, through messages, learn from resources, add your own resources, share your knowledge and receive understanding. In our Community you are a brother, a friend and a Son or Daughter of the most High. Come and ask if you have questions, exchange yourself, build a team of saintly warriors and establish an Assembly for the LORD in your neighborhood. All you have to do is to register and join: Do not remain alone, a single warrior, but come together in a Community of Friends where we serve the LORD with all of our souls, hearts and minds. Together we are strong but alone we will fall to the Enemy! Support our growing Community here: Sponsor the coming together in Love, Unity and Support and share the wealth the LORD has given you: We are all called by the LORD to come together, support one another and to share our resources for the advancement of the Kingdom of GOD! Maranatha Michael Triple Grace Daily prophetic Words:

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