The 1 Million Dollar Challenge

Gather the old and the young - Bring them into the Garden! >>> The 1 Million Dollar Challenge >>> The new Altar of Love, Unity and Support will gather the people with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit. The Gates in Heaven have opened for the new Altar to be manifested in the Nations. From the 1st of December 2018 to Christmas the 25th of December we have started a 1 Million Dollar Challenge to raise funds for the new Altar: Send you Love and Support either through Patreon: or through our Donation Challenge at this Link: Come forward in the Spirit of the LORD under the wide open Gates of Heaven and help us to raise the 1 Million Dollars by Christmas. With the funds we will be able to spread the Assemblies of Righteousness to many Nations, support one another, lift up the poor and needy and praise the LORD at the new Altar of Love, Unity and Support. The new Altar will gather all true believers together under the wing of GOD in Safe Havens to overcome the World and his evil ruler Satan and you can be a part of the move of the Father: Establishing Groups and pockets of Faith even in the enemy territory where idolatry and false gods reign. Your contribution will bring many people who have never heard the name of the LORD into Righteousness: What are you waiting for? Be part of the 1 Million Dollar Challenge to bring Righteousness into the Nations: Billions of Dollars are spent daily for evil purposes, drugs, alcohol, pornography and slave trafficking. Then 1 Million Dollars until the 25th of Christmas should be an easy task for the Christian Community! Lift up the needy, help the orphans, the slaves and the nameless or faceless and provide for them a chance to come to the LORD and into Righteousness. Maranatha Michael Triple Grace If you have any question regarding the 1 Million Dollar Challenge then e-mail us at:

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