Prophetic Word for the 26th of December 2018

Prophetic Word for the 26th of December - The are both from me! Are you sticking to one opinion only? Do you judge others because of your own cemented belief? Do you reject the Spirit that other have received? The Lord says that both sides are from Him and that they have dual purposes. You cannot harvest the whole world with a religious spirit alone. You need to address many different views and still lead them all to Jesus and the Love of the Father. Next time when you see or hear a different prophetic word do not fall in the trap of the Pharisees and reject it outright by claiming only you know the truth but be open to the dual purposes of the Holy Spirit. Remember we are all the children of the Lord and GOD would never leave anybody behind but will guide them into righteousness! No matter how difficult you find it to understand the prophetic word when the result is a gathering to the LORD and righteousness then trust it as given by GOD. The enemy will not lead you to the Lord or to righteousness but will lead you into darkness and chaos. So discern any word if it will lead to Love, Unity and Support and to the LORD and the Heavenly Father or to worldly affairs away from GOD and into self elevation. Michael Triple Grace Walk in Love, Unity and Support:

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