2019 Prophecy - Love into the Nations

Love, Unity and Support must go forth into the Nations - 2019 Prophecy A new movement of true Sons and Daughters of the living GOD will come together in Love, Unity and Support in all Nations to be an example of righteousness to the World. Evil will be broken, needy will be lifted, hatred removed, tears will dry, suffering will disappear and the Glory of the LORD will shine forth. These people will shine as the stars in Heaven. They will support one another and do righteous deeds every day in the name of the Father, GOD Almighty. Assemblies of Love will appear in all Nations to bring forth the Love of the Father to all who call on His name. A new banner is set up, a new standard is raised for the Glory of GOD and His only begotten son Jesus. Working hand in hand daily to change this world, to prepare it for the coming of our Lord and Savior to rule it from Jerusalem at the appointed time. The preparation has begun and GOD is sending down His Glory to cover these new sons and daughters to do this mighty work of the LORD. They will lift up the needy, nameless and faceless in the name of the Father, they will spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to areas that have never heard the name of the living GOD or His son Jesus, they will enter deep into enemy territory and they will draw a line between Good and Evil. You can be part of this new movement of the true children of GOD either by supporting their Missions or by actively joining them in their stand against the evil flood: Support the Assemblies of Love in their ways to the Nations: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=8045177 Join the new movement of GOD, the Father to draw the line between Good and Evil: https://www.triple-grace.com/sons-and-daughters-of-god In 2019 you can make the difference in your Life by choosing either Good or Evil. By supporting the move of the Father or remain in the world of the enemy. By repenting and supporting or by staying in egoism and self elevation. Choose today whom you will serve: GOD or Satan! Michael Triple Grace

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