Where is the manifestation of the Sons of GOD?

Where is the call for manifestation? Putting your learned wisdom from the Spirit into action? We have plenty of preachers, prophets and teachers either from the pulpits in the churches or on YouTube. They preach the word of GOD, some for the Glory of the Lord and others for their own Glory in hours long videos or sessions. Some in spirit filled messages and truth based on the bible and others in their own fantasy. Nevertheless it ends at the preaching. Either in the churches, conferences or on YouTube it always ends at the preaching. The listeners affirm the messages, clap for the speakers, marvel about their wisdom and then they go home or shift to their daily routine. Where is the manifestation of the learned wisdom? Why do you return to Babylon after you receive the words of GOD? A church, a conference and YouTube will always be the starting point only. It will always be preaching and teaching and nothing else. The application of the learned wisdom is the problem in this world. Where are the Assemblies of Righteousness that are living as Jesus lived, walking as Jesus walked and showing loving-kindness as Jesus did? Where are the groups in the Nations coming together to live the Holy words and show forth the Love of the Father? Why are you not acting on the call of GOD? Why are you not coming together in Love, Unity and Support to change your life? Acting in Unity to represent our living GOD and spreading the Love of the Father into the Nations. A church, a conference and YouTube can not fulfill the will of the Father, GOD Almighty. Even the Apostles had to go out from their daily life and serve the LORD every day by building assemblies of righteousness in the Nations. Now you are called forth to do the same. Join us, build Assemblies of Righteousness in your neighborhood, show forth an example of what you have learned and lift up others with the Love of the Father: https://www.triple-grace.com/the-nations-are-waiting It might me uncomfortable, even painful, being attacked by the enemy forces but it is your destiny. Do the next step and employ your learned wisdom by manifesting Love, Unity and Support in the World. You will become a true Son and Daughter of GOD and the Nations are waiting for your manifestation to bring forth the Kingdom of GOD. It is a new way, a new life, but it is filled with Spirit and Truth. No church, no conference and no YouTube group can do that. Follow your destiny and your calling today: https://www.triple-grace.com/how-to-start-a-society-of-the-rose Support our Mission to manifest the Sons and Daughters of GOD in all Nations: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=8045177 Be part of the great Exodus of Babylon! Michael Triple Grace