The righteous deeds of the Saints

The righteous deeds of the Saints "Fine white linen are the righteous deeds of the Saints" (Rev. 19:8) Are you clothed in fine, white linen? Where are your righteous deeds? Come together in the Union of the Lord to praise the Father, to support one another and to lift up the needy in all Nations. Your righteous deeds with clothe you in the fine linen that is washed in the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Show your light to the nameless and faceless and enter with your righteous deeds into all Nations to spread the Love of the Father to all people. Join us and help us to bring righteous projects to the needy, to the suffering and to the lost: Your support will clothe you in fine, white linen because you have fulfilled scripture and cleaned your clothes in the blood of the lamb. Fine, white linen are the righteous deeds of the Saints! Start to wash your clothes right now by an act of loving-kindness: Michael Triple Grace Join the Union of the Lord:

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