Prophetic Word for the 5th of February 2019

Prophetic Word for the 5th February 2019 - Manifestation, Implementation and Realization There are thousands of teachers, preachers and prophets on YouTube and in the churches and over the years you have learned to discern, read the bible and receive heavenly understanding. By now you should be filled with the spirit of Jesus. What is lacking and what Heaven decries openly is the missing Implementation, Manifestation, Action and Realization of the learned wisdom. Where is the altar of old restored by the gained knowledge? Why have you taken what you have received and returned to the world? Where is the Integration of the wisdom into daily actions? The next step on the heavenly ladder towards the Kingdom is Manifestation, Implementation and Realization. Setting an example for all to see that you are filled with the spirit of Jesus and have changed from the world to heaven. This cannot be done in your usual daily life. It must show a radical change of your old behaviors and should result in daily actions that will and can be seen by others who will then acknowledge your new way of life. You must come to a new altar. An altar of old, restored as Elijah did in his days, but made new for today where you will gather in Love, Unity and Support for all to see. Where you will set daily examples of Love towards your neighborhood and the needy. Where your spirit of Jesus will rejoice in righteousness. Join us and build such an altar in your neighborhood and gather the spirit filled true believers together in Unity to set an example of light to be seen for the Glory of GOD: Manifest, Implement, Integrate, Build, Realize and Act for GOD, the Father! Michael Author of the Book of Love Triple Grace

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