Prophetic Words for the 10th of February 2019

Prophetic Word for the 10th of February 2019 - What if I cannot go into the Nations? What can you do if you have a family, a sickness or you must take care of somebody and you can not follow the commandment of the Lord to go into the Nations? You can still bring forth fruits by supporting actively the missions that are going into the Nations to the unhewn stones, to the people who have never heard the name of the Lord, to the ones living in idolatry and traditions. Your support will bring forth fruits that the Lord will add to your Book of Life in Heaven because you are still a partner of the moves of GOD and your support opens the door to the salvation for many. If you cannot go personally into the Nations then support the missions like ours: Become a Patron of this Mission: Sponsor it through PayPal: If you are wealthy, you might want to partner with the Mission monthly: Support the great Harvest by Bitcoin and send your donation to: 1G3WChkZzSF3gLTv1fWLqTmZW2nuYUXFhi Never stop to bring forth fruits and never stop to follow the commandments of the Lord! Either directly or through your support you will bring many to righteousness. Michael Triple Grace

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