Prophetic Word for the 21st of February 2019

Prophetic Word for the 21st of February 2019 - Don't go with the Crowd! Repent, Repent, the Kingdom is at hand: Many of the dreams and visions posted on YouTube are personal words from the Spirit to that person posting them. They were not intended for the public because each and every believer is on its own path towards his destiny and purpose. Unfortunately many listeners take the dreams and visions and apply them to themselves without any discernment. Do not follow the crowd and do not assume that such words were for you also. Instead listen to the Spirit in your own dreams and visions because these are given to you direct. If you have a problem with understanding of these dreams you can contact experienced believers for help and interpretation but do not assume that all words posted on YouTube are for everybody. You can also contact me at if you need help with dreams and visions. Unfortunately Social Media brings forth the worst in many people and so they want to show their faces on videos by bringing personal messages into the faith community and declaring them falsely as the word of the LORD for all to hear. At least use discernment and ask the Father if such words apply to your development, destiny and purpose. Do not go with the Crowd! Help us to go into the Nations to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to people who have never heard the name of the Lord: Become a Patron of this Mission: Sponsor it through PayPal: If you are wealthy, you might want to partner with the Mission monthly: Support the great Harvest by Bitcoin and send your donation to: 1G3WChkZzSF3gLTv1fWLqTmZW2nuYUXFhi Listen always to the Holy Spirit and what He has to tell you for your personal advancement! Repent, Repent, the Kingdom is at hand: Michael Triple Grace

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