Prophetic Word for the 22nd of February 2019

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of February 2019 - I will set you free I come with the sword of the spirit to destroy the enemies, to remove the lukewarm and the sleeping to set you free if you would only listen to my messages. Come together in Love, Unity and Support into a restored place, a renovated Holy Place, where all rooms are decorated by our Lord Jesus Christ as He promised to prepare a place for us. This mansion will accommodate all who are willing to walk the righteous path towards the top of Mount Zion where we will meet out Lord and Savior Jesus. This place will be our paradise and we will be with the Lord forever and ever. Walk with me the path that will lead to Mt. Zion and be part of the great harvest that will come up in 6 years. Put your heart at the feet of your Father, GOD Almighty and walk the new path in Spirit and Truth. Come to the restored Altar and let us gather as in the times of Elijah. GOD will show us at the Altar a great miracle and will bless all who turn to Him abundantly. Join us to walk towards Mt. Zion if you want to be part of the great harvest: Go with us into the Nations to gather the people at the restored Altar as Elijah did: Become a Patron of this Mission: Sponsor it through PayPal: If you are wealthy, you might want to partner with the Mission monthly: Support the great Harvest by Bitcoin and send your donation to: 1G3WChkZzSF3gLTv1fWLqTmZW2nuYUXFhi I will set you free so that you can receive your place prepared for you! Michael Triple Grace

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