Prophetic Word for the 24th of February 2019

Prophetic Word for the 24th of February 2019 - Triple Washed (Triple Grace) Sanctified, purified and redeemed! Set apart in Safe Havens of the Lord (Sanctuaries - Societies of the Rose), purified by wahsing the garments in the blood of Jesus and making them white and redeemed by gathering the white clothed sons and daughters of GOD at Mt. Zion for the great harvest. Become Triple Washed by joining us at Triple Grace: Become part of a loving community that will transform you through the powers of the Father and the Holy Spirit into a new being, a true Son or Daughter of GOD! Start your journey to Mt. Zion now and stay on the righteous path in Love, Unity and Support. You are guarded by Angels and filled with the Spirit. Within the next 6 years your life will change completely. You will be sanctified, purified and redeemed - People made ready for the Lord. Support the establishment of Sancturaries - Societies of the Rose - in all Nations: Become a Patron of this Mission: Sponsor it through PayPal: If you are wealthy, you might want to partner with the Mission monthly: Support the great Harvest by Bitcoin and send your donation to: 1G3WChkZzSF3gLTv1fWLqTmZW2nuYUXFhi Get tripled washed and become sanctified, purified and redeemed! Michael Triple Grace