Prophetic Word for the 27th of February 2019

Allow me today to stand up for the poor, the nameless and faceless - The Lazarus in front of our Houses! I have over 20 years experience in Fundraising, NGO, Missions, Community building and Charity but I have never seen so much reluctance to help and support as in true Christian circles! Christians who claim to have read the bible refuse to open their hearts to the needy, the poor and suffering. They hope to be part in a rapture or to receive a miracle but act as the rich man with the poor Lazarus in front of his house. They might share the same fade. Read your bibles. You were warned! Have you forgotten that your Lord and Savior Jesus has commanded you to lift up the needy, to attend to the nameless and faceless and to fulfill the great commission? Woe to you bible scholars when you pass the verses of acts of loving-kindness and when you pick only the resins that fit your agenda. Such people will never go in the rapture. I have seen totally unbelievers with much greater hearts than any of these so called Christians who claim to be saved but close their eyes to the commandments of the Lord. They say that they have nothing to give but look at their equipment for making videos, their houses and the money they spend to fly from one rapture conference to another including hotel rooms and extras. No! They are poor and starving and so nothing is left for Lazarus in front of their houses and mansions. Don't they know that GOD, the Father will judge them by their hearts? What will he find? A heart of stone with all kindness removed but filled with religious spirits. Has the bible not told you that the Lord will say to such people: "I do not know you"! As a true Christian with a heart filled with the Spirit of Jesus you will do daily active deeds as commanded and as seen by the first Assemblies in the Book of Acts. Open your hearts to the needy, the nameless and faceless by supporting Missions to bring them into the Light. It might hurt your purse a little but it will free you from religious spirits and false doctrines that have infiltrated the so called true Christians and their Churches today. I am always here to help you and offer you ways to make your heart kind and shining, a beautiful sight in the eyes of the Lord. Join us here: and follow the links to pour out your Love by supporting righteous projects in the name of the Father, GOD Almighty: General monthly Support: Support the Great Commission: Help by PayPal: In the name of the Father, His only begotten son Jesus Christ and in the name of the poor and needy, I thank you for you loving-kindness and your great heart. Be blessed because you are counted worthy! Michael Triple Grace

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