Prophetic Word for the 7th of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 7th of March - The Daughter of Zion is giving birth! The Daughter of Zion is giving birth to the new Church 2.0. Come and be part of it. Be counted as the children of the Daughter of Zion and walk with us on the righteous path. Triple Grace is the Church 2.0: The door is open to step onto the restored path towards Mt. Zion where we will meet out Father, GOD Almighty. There we will be gathered for the great harvest and the sealing of the 144000. Build with us the Church 2.0 and heal the sick and raise the dead. Do mighty works in the name of the Father, not in your own name. Be recognized as a true Son or Daughter of the Most High GOD. Stand out and be separated from the World and Babylon. The old has passed and the Lord is doing a new thing. A new Level for the church and for all believers in Jesus Christ. The Daughter of Zion is giving birth and you will be born again into a new body. You will be transformed into the Glory and Power of GOD, the Father. Are you ready to walk towards the Holy Mountain? Towards Zion? Then join us here and walk with us together in Love, Unity and Support: Michael Triple Grace

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