Prophetic Word for the 18th of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 18th of March 2019 - 3 Days of Darkness or? 3 days of Jonah in (Luke 11:29-32) started on 10th of March followed by 40 days of repentance for the Bride (plus rapture of the bride) and the World ending on 19th of April when Judgement starts with a Tsunami. 3 days of Darkness will follow in 2024 when the 6th seal is opened and when the Church (not the Bride) will go into paradise at Mt. Zion. At this time the sun will be darkened and the Moon will turn to Blood. Darkness! Followed by 40 days of getting the last people of the church ready for the rapture. 3 days of Jonah as the sign of Jesus in the tomb (Matthew 12:39-41) which are the 2 witnesses dying and being resurrected after 3 days and 3 nights followed by 40 days of repentance for Jerusalem. 3 days of Jonah, Darkness and Jesus! Stay focused on GOD and His Kingdom now and let GOD control your life. Stay away from temptations and Satan so that you are counted worthy. Stay strong as Jesus did when he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. The 40 days will pass and then the LORD will take you! Be ready at all times! Get your bag packed spiritually! Daily prophetic Words: Michael Triple Grace

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