Prophetic Word for the 19th of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 19th of March - All eyes will see! The Lord will bring us into the open and all eyes will see us and our daily sacrifice. Lifting up the needy and doing acts of righteousness every day. All eyes will see the Roserians in all Nations! The Nations will marvel over these people filled with Spirit and Truth and how they are shining forth even in the darkest neighborhood. And they marvel over how different we are compared to so called "Christians" who claim to be saved but bring forth no fruits. The Lord decreed it: "All eyes will see!" Now it will come forth and now you will perceive it. A new thing is done by GOD and His son Jesus Christ to advance the Kingdom and to prepare the way to Mt. Zion. Love, Unity and Support will enter all Nations and will repair the breach done by many Generations. The restoration of all things has started and at the end our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will return in Power and Glory. Be part of the new thing and bring forth your daily sacrifice: All eyes will see! Michael Triple Grace

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