Prophetic Words for the 20th of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 20th of March 2019 - Do you wait for Blessings? Many people pray daily for blessings from GOD but they themselves bless nobody. They do not sacrifice anything nor lift up the needy. However they pray for blessings and wonder that nothing comes forth! Do a daily sacrifice of Love in the Name of the Father: Show forth your Love to the Nations and become a sincere Christian and not a Christian by Mouth only.

So many pray and ask why am I not getting my blessing or enter into my destiny. Look in the mirror - Are you really advancing the Kingdom of GOD, are you sacrificing in the name of the Father or are you helping people in need? Most people will see nothing in their mirrors but expect GOD to give them abundantly. Was it not Jesus who asked you to take your Cross and walk with Him? Taking your Cross is a sacrifice! Come forward, step on the narrow path and do the daily sacrifice: Here a few ideas of how you can lift up the needy or help Missions into the Nations: Become a Patron of Triple Grace: Advance the Kingdom into the Nations: Lift up the needy through PayPal: Join us today at Triple Grace and build with us the Church 2.0: Michael Triple Grace

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