Prophetic Word for the 21st of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 21st of March 2019 - A bad awakening Many will wake up after the first rapture and have been left behind. They will feel rejected and unworthy but that is not the case. Your walk was just not complete yet. Come to us and join us at that moment on our walk towards Mt. Zion where the the church not the bride will go into the second rapture - the great harvest. Do not feel bad if you are left but take up your cross and fulfill your purpose and destiny you have agreed to even before you were born. Join us and do the daily sacrifice of Love in the name of the Father: Learn that Faith and Grace requires action to fulfill it. Only than your faith is complete. Faith without works is dead and many will realize this at the first rapture when they are left behind. Walk the new narrow path to Mt. Zion, the dwelling place of GOD, the Father, where you will enter the Holy Place and lay your heart at the feet of the Father. Come as you are and you will be transformed on the way to Mt. Zion where we will be raptured and taken into paradise. Many people will have a bad awakening at the first rapture! Michael Triple Grace

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