Prophetic Word for the 23rd of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of March 2019 - I urge you to believe! Please listen! The Lord asks you to walk the narrow road to Mount Zion, the dwelling place of the Father. There you will have access to the Holy Place and there you will lay your heart at the feet of the Father. At Mount Zion you will be raptured, taken into Paradise (the great beautiful pasture of the LORD) and transformed into Glory! Please listen: You must reach Mount Zion! There the great Harvest will take place. If you miss this time you must go through more suffering during the time of Trumpets. Come to Mount Zion, be gathered by the LORD to His dwelling place. You can walk with us in Love, Unity and Support through our Societies of the Rose towards Mount Zion or you can ask the Lord for guidance how to enter through the door onto the narrow path that will lead you to the mountain. Please listen: Do not rely on the World or Babylon nor on governmental systems. They will all fail you and you will not come out of bondage. Put your trust only on the Lord. There is no other way to Mount Zion and the Father than through Jesus. The door is open and we welcome all to join us on our way to Mount Zion, guided by the Lord, protected by the Father and destined for everlasting Life: If you do not feel to join us then please pray daily for guidance so that another door is shown to you that will lead to the dwelling place of GOD, the Father, at Mount Zion! Believe today and understand that there is no other salvation than to enter through the door onto the narrow path towards Mount Zion. GOD, the Father and His only begotten son Jesus love you and they do not want that any of their children will perish! You were warned! Please listen! Michael Triple Grace

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