Prophetic Word for the 24th of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 24th of March 2019 - The Lord shows you how to act! You experience more and more calamities around the Earth. The Lord tries to teach you how to survive. What are the people doing after such a calamity? They come together, help one another, pull resources and share their wealth! Did you learn something from it? Have you understood that the Lord wants you to come together in Assemblies of Love to survive the coming Tribulations of Seals and Trumpets? Only in Unity and Togetherness you will survive the time of the coming judgements. Do not hope for governmental help or rely on the World. Babylon will eat its children. You were warned! Have you to go through Seals and Trumpets? The great Harvest of the Church will take place at the 6th Seal so you will endure some tribulations until then but if you walk the narrow path towards Mount Zion, the dwelling place of the Father, then you will go into paradise before the Trumpets will start, However if you will not learn, not follow the guidance of the Lord and rely on the World then you will miss the rapture at Mt. Zion and you will experience much greater Tribulation during the Trumpets. Please listen to the Lord and come together in Love, Unity and Support on the narrow path towards Mount Zion where you will be raptured into Paradise and transformed into Glory. You can join us and walk with us in our Assemblies, the Societies of the Rose, or you can pray for guidance from the Lord for another door to be opened and He will answer your request. Just walk the narrow, righteous path in Love, Unity and Support and not alone. Join our Societies of the Rose here: Do not rely on the World or Babylon. The governmental help is already failing as you can see in many calamities. Trust in the LORD alone! Michael Triple Grace

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