Prophetic Word for the 25th of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 25th of March 2019 - The great Exodus The Lord is taking us out of Babylon (World/Egypt). He is ending our slavery and gives us His Freedom. Get ready. Prepare your doorposts because shortly we will leave the World and will walk towards the promised Land and Mt. Zion. Take the Gold and Silver from the World, pack your bags, prepare your families. We are leaving shortly. The LORD will lead us in a pillar of Cloud by day and in a pillar of fire at night. And when we will come to the Red Sea the LORD will sent His East Wind to prepare a way for us to pass over to the other side. The LORD will be with us always and we will be protected under His wings. The World has ended for us today and we have chosen to go with the Father to His dwelling place at Mount Zion. There we will lay out hearts at His feet and He will take us into Paradise. As you can not serve two masters you can have one foot in the World and one in Heaven. Today is the Day when we make a declaration for the LORD that we will serve Him alone and that the World has ended for us. Get ready! We are leaving for Mt. Zion and the promised Land shortly. Join us and walk with us the narrow path to His dwelling place at Mt. Zion: Come together, take your positions in marching order, bring your wealth and share your resources because we are walking towards the Glory of the LORD as true Sons and Daughters of the Most High GOD. Join or establish a Society of the Rose and gather the people for the great Exodus that will bring heavenly Freedom. We are ready to leave the World - Are you? Support the great Exodus from the World into the Freedom of the LORD: The time has come to leave the World - Are you ready? Do you believe that this is spiritual? Then you are mistaken. The World has ended for us and the Father has called forth His children out of Egypt! Maranatha Michael Triple Grace

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