Prophetic Word for the 30th of March 2019

Prophetic Word for the 31st of March 2019 - You are not ready! You are not ready to come together in Love, Unity and Support, you are not ready to love your neighbor, you are not ready to share your resources with others as true Christians did in the Book of Acts and you are not ready to listen to the LORD. You believe fake doctrines that all will go to Heaven, that there is nothing that can stop you from being transformed, that you can sit in your church without any deeda and that the Lord will count you worthy. You are deceived! You were warned - Come out of Babylon, man-made doctrines, false teachings, the Gospel of Prosperity and the Gospel of Poverty. Do not remain seated in the Churches but leave Babylon behind. This is your last warning!! The time of Judgements has come and if you stay in Egypt (Babylon) you will suffer with her greatly. Now is the time to leave Egypt, cross the Red Sea and meet the Father at Mt. Zion, His dwelling place. Join us and walk with us out of Egypt now: This is your final warning - to all who discuss bible verses, call out names to one another, do witch hunting, who look for mistakes in others but see not their own, who want to be exalted above others, who believe they know the truth but walk in darkness, who claim to be Prophets but are blind, who teach false doctrines of inactivity, who stop true believers from doing righteous deeds by fear mongering, who believe that they are holy when they rotten to the core, who stay in the world but claim to be saved, who serve two masters - the world and the Lord - what is impossible, who produces not fruits but only strife and division, who use the fear of money to refuse to lift up the needy, who have all luxuries but refuses to see Lazarus at the Gate! Children, come out of her - out of Babylon - It will be destroyed and if you stay you will die with her! Walk with us in the Great Exodus out of the World onto the narrow path towards Mt. Zion, take your riches and use them to bring forth fruits by lifting up the needy and sharing your resources by supporting the Great Exodus: or Move now, get ready, take our hand and walk with us to the Father where we will lay our hearts at His feet, where we will have access to His Holy Place and where we will be raptured into Paradise - At Mt. Zion: Get ready - The LORD does not want any of His children to perish - Follow the Pillar of Clouds by day and the Pillar of Fire by night! Michael Triple Grace