Prophetic Word for the 3rd of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of April 2019 - All must be given free? Many so called Christians ask that everything related to the Kingdom of GOD must be provided free and that Ministers must concentrate fully 24 hours on their Ministries but these same people are also not willing to tithe anything nor support such Ministers. Woe to you Hypocrites who have both feet in the world complaining about tithing towards full time ministries who have no other backings. How shall the word advance in a world that requires registrations, work permits, accounting, taxes for every small work? Have you not read your bible that even Kings tithed and fulfilled their duty towards GOD. Willfully you pay taxes to your earthly rulers but about tithes for GOD you complain. Woe to you Hypocrites, you will receive the righteous measure for your behavior. The Lord commanded you to lift up the needy and the poor, to spread the word and to bring many people to righteousness. This can only be done in full time which requires tithing, support and gifts of loving-kindness. If all Christians would tithe a certain percentage every month for the advancement of the Kingdom we could change this world and could remove all injustices. You ask for full time ministries but then you are not willing to support them. All must be given free? All can be provided for free if you would tithe and support such ministries from your heart. Think about it! The wealth of the Christians must be used for Kingdom purposes only: Support our walk towards Mt. Zion: or Join us and step onto the narrow path that leads to the dwelling place of GOD, the Father: Michael Triple Grace