Prophetic Word for the 9th of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 9th of April - We stand with the Father and Jesus The rapture of the Bride is so close and this week, from the 8th to 14th of April 2019, the Bride makes a declaration that she stands with GOD and His only begotten son Christ Jesus by doing one sacrifice of Love for the Great Commission the Bride was ordered to do ("make disciples in all Nations"). Any size of sacrifice will declare that you stand resolute and firm with GOD and that you followed HIS command to spread the Gospel to the Nations: Stand with the Father and Jesus at Patreon: Stand with the Father and Jesus at PayPal: All sacrifices will be used for Missions into countries that are still following idols and false gods so that the Light will reach the darkest corners in the world. Be part of the Bride and make a declaration for GOD and Jesus with a sacrifice of Love in the name of the Father! The rapture is so close. Take a stand and be the Bride that made herself ready in body, heart and soul and is willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom of Heaven. Michael Triple Grace

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