Prophetic Word for the 20th of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 20th of April 2019 - Balance and Harmony in Paradise When Adam and Eve were in Paradise they lived in Balance and Harmony not only with Nature and the Animals but also with Heaven. At this time Heaven and Earth had merged together. Today we miss this Balance and Harmony and we see strife and backstabbing even between believers of the Lord. The restoration of all things will send us on our path backwards from detoriated churches and traditions over the Assembly of Acts where true believers lived in Love and Unity towards Paradise that we will enter in at Mount Zion. To regain Balance and Harmony we need to come out of the old church system, old traditions and religious spirits and get guided by the Holy Spirit towards new Assemblies of Righteousness that act in Love, Unity and Support. These groups will gather the true sons and daughters of GOD from all nations and will walk with them towards Mt. Zion where they will be raptured into Paradise. Balance and Harmony will be restored! Our aim is to reach the Holy Mountain of GOD and His Throne of Glory so that we can lay our hearts at His feet and can access His Holy Place and stay with Him in Paradise for ever and ever. Tune in to heaven and get guided by the Saints and Angels onto the new path of restoration and rebuilding. The Lord wishes that Balance and Harmony will be restored! Michael Triple Grace

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