Prophetic Word for the 21st of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 21st of April 2019 - The Church Age has ended The fire in Notre Dame with the collapse of the complete roof is the sign that the church age has ended and a new era is starting. A new church, the church 2.0, will emerge. A church that walks in the footsteps of Jesus, setting an example to the world and doing miracles and wonders. A new leadership will emerge that will bring the church 2.0 towards Mt. Zion, the Holy Mountain of the Lord. It will be much closer with GOD but less filled with religious spirits. It will be much more in balance and harmony with heaven, similar to the time in the Garden of Eden when all was acting in Harmony together. The church 2.0 will be a gathering church, a place where true sons and daughters of GOD will come together in Love, Unity and Support to live the life of Jesus daily and to do a daily sacrifice of love for the Father. A new time is emerging, the time of the white rider, the time to overcome the world and Satan and to turn completely towards the Father but still acting positively in the world. Free from bondage and slavery but also free from religious dogmas, spirits and limits. A church on a new level with equal members, acting as a Unity for the betterment of mankind. Being a great example for all to see. The Church Age has ended - The Church 2.0 has begun! Michael Triple Grace

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