Prophetic Word for the 22nd of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of April - The new Level We do not want the old structures, beliefs, traditions, limits, spirits and leadership. What we want is Love, Unity, Support, coming together, changing the world, embracing the fullness of Heaven, being ready to lift the veil and to see the full Glory of GOD. This requires to take down the old beliefs, the old teachings, the old visions and especially removing the limiting religious spirits that are holding us down. We must embrace a new thinking, open ourselves to new things, thinking outside of the box and accepting that GOD is far greater than our images we have formed of Him. A new level in which we can see behind the veil, in which we will never put GOD in a box but act accordingly to His spirit and guidance we receive through dreams and visions. A new level in which angels will visit us daily and in which we have an open line to Heaven. In this new level we will walk as part of heaven and are not anymore bound by any limiting forces like religions, denominations, borders or governments. We will be guided by heavenly wisdom and act in accordance to the wishes of the Father daily. Walking in complete Balance and Harmony with the Universe and Heaven. Placing Love first before all other matters and supporting all people in a huge worldwide family. A family of heavenly brothers and sisters. The new Level will remove suffering, inequality, wars and borders. A new world will emerge that is ready for the second coming of the Lord and the Millennium Kingdom. Michael Triple Grace