Prophetic Word for the 23rd of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of April 2019 - Reclaiming Power! It is time to reclaim the power of the Saints, Prophets of old and of the anointed ones from GOD. It is time to receive the Shekinah Glory and the Power of Heaven. We gave away the power through limiting beliefs, religious spirits, religions, denominations, religious bickering and fighting within our churches. This era has ended. We will reclaim the heavenly power to show it forth in our ways on earth. All eyes will see the Glory and the Love of the Father. Miracles and wonders will follow us. You will be the example that the Lord wants to see in the Nations. Reclaim with us your power and shed of the old limitations. Come out of your cocoon and shine forth the Light of Heaven. In Unity we will use this power to change the world, to prepare the way for the Lord and to bring as many people to righteousness as possible. To fulfill the commandments of GOD and to be true Sons and Daughters of the Most High. Reclaiming the Power requires to see through the eys of Jesus, to embrace the help of the Saints and Angels, to trust your dreams and vision and to walk in alignment with Heaven every day. Finally a new path is emerging, a path that will lead to the Holy Mountain of GOD and into Paradise. Change your Life and reclaim the Power of Heaven. Trust in the Holy Spirit and how He is guiding you! Michael Triple Grace

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