Prophetic Word for the 24th of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 24th of April - Do not follow the majority Create a new mind and do not follow anymore the majority, the trends, what other people tell you, what you hear at conferences or what is preached from the pulpit. Instead link your mind to heaven, receive downloads, be guided by heavenly spirits and walk with Intuition. Your next move will be in spirituality and being part of Heaven and not any longer being part of an old church system, traditions or religious spirits. Create a new group of like minded people and follow what the Lord is telling you but be aware if religious spirits come in or fear of sin, etc. you will deal with a negative spirit. Heavenly downloads are about Love, Unity and Support, bringing forth the Kingdom, lifting up the needy and removing imbalances in the World. The majority follows the media, church leaders, religious spirits, bickering over bible verses, backstabbing other believers, claiming power where there is no power, claiming holiness when they are in darkness. Flee such things and set yourself free! Do not follow the majority! Tune in to Heaven, listen to the advice of the Saints and Angels and follow what is given to you in dreams and visions. Create a new mind - the mind of GOD within you! Become a true Son or Daughter of the Father. Michael Triple Grace

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