Prophetic Word for the 25th of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 25th of April 2019 - The new Families! We are building new structures, new families that are walking in Spirit and Truth - Societies of the Rose. They are the gathering places of the true Sons and Daughters of GOD who act on the new level of Balance and Harmony. They come together in Love, Unity and Support and share their resources like the assemblies of the book of Acts. In Unity they shine their light to the Nations and lift up the needy in the name of the Father. In them you will find no religious spirits, no deception, no guile and no worldly thinking. They combine the Truth of Heaven with the Spirits of the Universe, the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Wisdom. These families will be established in all nations and you can be part of them or build your own in your neighborhood. They represent the new level of the church - the church 2.0. They will be the standard that the Lord is raising against the flood of the enemy. The banner of heaven in this dark world. Join them, build them in the new awareness of the Spirit, in Love, Unity and Support to fulfill your destiny in the Father. You are called forth to be members of these families. Bring them forth, support them and help heaven to establish the new level of true Sons and Daughters so that all what is written and prophesied may be fulfilled in the Glory of the Father and the Son. Michael Triple Grace

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