Prophetic Word for the 26th of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 26th of April 2019 - Lacking Wisdom Why are believers so afraid of the Spirit? Many churches do not teach about prophecies, dreams and visions and condemn anything regarding the spiritual realm as New Age or from the enemy. Are we not asked to walk in Spirit and Truth? In the Spirit of Wisdom for example. Why are we not following the messages GOD is giving us through dreams and visions? Instead we flee into Truth alone by quoting bible verses for everything. Truth, the word of GOD, is very important because Jesus is the word that has become flesh. But without spiritual understanding and trusting fully in the Spirit of the LORD we are missing out on a major part of our walk. Do not fear spiritual matters, listen to your visions and write down you dreams and act on them. The Lord will pour out His spirit on all people in the last days and so we must walk in Spirit and Truth or we are lacking wisdom. Even the apostles were only complete when the Holy Spirit fell on them. Only then they were able to do similar miracles as Jesus did and only then their learning and understanding was complete. Jesus himself started His ministry only after Heaven opened and the Holy Spirit fell on Him at His baptism by John. Do not lack wisdom by denying the spiritual powers of the Lord and embrace prophecy, dreams and visions and look behind the veil into the spiritual realm when the Lord opens it up for you! Michael Triple Grace

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