Prophetic Word for the 29th of April 2019

Prophetic Word for the 29th of April 2019 - Spirit and Truth Are you walking in Truth? Then something is missing on your path with the Lord. Are you walking in Spirit? Then something is missing in your walk with GOD. You must walk in Spirit and Truth. See them as the inseparable twins of Heaven. One can not bring forth its power without the other. Spirit and Truth are given from GOD to do a mighty work within you. Truth will bring in the foundation of heaven and spirit will allow you to look behind the veil and to have a glimpse of the amazing power of the Lord. Without a foundation spirit has no starting point and you will have no understanding of what he is showing you. Without the glimpses behind the veil you will always limit GOD and put Him in a box of human thinking. But together they will open your mind and will prepare you well for what is coming - You eternal life with GOD and Jesus. Never walk in Truth alone or in Spirit alone! Bring them together and receive the full power of the Lord so that you also receive the full wisdom and knowledge of Heaven. Michael Triple Grace

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