Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2019

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2019 - A new beginning The old will pass away and a new beginning is dawning. We will do our walk in the Lord in different, more active ways as we have done before. A new beginning will start with small steps by releasing what do not serve us anymore. We need to free us from religious spirits that holds us in a spirit of fear and from the bondage of the world. Worldly affairs will be replaced with heavenly activities. Yahweh is calling His children to Zion! The time of bickering and backstabbing is over and we will unite in Love, Unity and Support before we break camp and start on our new journey towards Yahweh and His holy mountain - Mt. Zion. Together we will reach His dwelling place and there we will have access to His house and He will rapture us into paradise. Get ready, prepare yourself for the new thing! A multitude clothed in white will be seen traveling through the wilderness guided by His holy angels and under His protection. All eyes will see them trusting in Yahweh alone and worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth. A new beginning - a new journey for all who belong to the Lord! Michael Triple Grace