Prophetic Word for the 12th of May 2019

Prophetic Word for the 12th of May 2019 - It is over! It is over - Your suffering, your waiting, your delays and your worldly life. All is over! You can not go ahead as usual in your daily lives. Accept the change of time and come out of the World and Babylon. Your old life is not fitting you anymore. Do not accept anymore the schemes of the enemy. It is over! A new life is waiting for you. Take action, pack your bags and break camp. Walk with us on the New Path towards the Holy Mountain - Mt. Zion. It is time to leave Babylon and to enter you promised land that Yahweh has intended for you. But you must start on the path and come out of the churches that will hold you back will lull you into slumber. In the same way as the Israelites had to leave Egypt to escape bondage and slavery you must leave the world and its temptations that keep you from following Yahweh. It is over! You must realize the signs of time! Michael Triple Grace

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