Daily prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2019

Prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2019 - I will visit the heathen My power will move mightily between the heathen and my people of my first love, the Israelites. The light of salvation will shine on the Jews. I will open their hearts and minds to see the Glory of my son Jesus. They will accept my sacrifice through the blood of my only begotten son. I will also enter the hearts of the Arabic Nations and many will be saved at a later time. They will turn to me and they will lay their heart at my feet. They will understand what was previously hidden to them and they will change their lives and walk a new path into my Kingdom. I will visit the heathen! Nations belonging to Jezebel and Baal will be set free. I will remove their bondage and take them out of slavery. Idols will fall and traditions will be removed when my mighty power will sweep through the Nations. Jezebel will fall by the hand of my Elijah Spirit as it was in times of old. Michael Triple Grace