Prophetic Word for the 2nd of June 2019

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of June 2019 - Do not return to Egypt I have sent my prophets to move you out of the world and Babylon. Now some people are turning back and wanting to enter their old ways and lives. I tell you, do not return to Egypt, do not go back into slavery and bondage to the world. Instead continue your walk towards my Holy Mountain. There I am waiting for your arrival and there I have prepared a place for you. But if you return to Egypt you will never reach paradise. Do not return to Egypt! Stay on the righteous path, covered under my wings, not swaying between opinions or sides but strong and steadfast in my word and spirit. Move forward in faith, praising me, spreading my love to the nations and gather the nameless and faceless in my name. I moved you through the open door towards my Glory - Do not return to Egypt! Michael Triple Grace

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