Prophetic Word for the 9th of June 2019

Prophetic Word for the 09th of June 2019 - The Nations are waiting I call you forth to go into the Nations to spread my love to all people. Do not discriminate by religion or faith but know that my love is unconditional. Gather them together in Love, Unity and Support in my sacred Assemblies and bring them to righteousness. The Nations are waiting! A great harvest is waiting for my workers and the fields are ripe and white to be harvested. Few are my harvest workers and plenty are my fields. I call you forth into all Nations. Head my call and the sound of my trumpet and move out of your complacency and your slumber. The time has come to walk as I did and to gather the lost sheep into my fold. Snatch my children from the enemy camp to rescue the multitude in white. The Nations are waiting. Join my great harvesting Army and let your light shine onto the whole Earth! Michael Triple Grace

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