Prophetic Word for the 19th of June 2019

Prophetic Word for the 19th of June 2019 - Love one another Have I not commanded you to love one another? I asked you to show brotherly love to my people and to care for Lazarus at your Gate. Why have you not listened to my command? You act in self-righteousness, egoistic, with a heart of stone and without mercy or grace. Love one another! I will come and judge your heart. Will I find Grace and worship or worldly thinking and greed? You will be held accountable for your actions or complacency. Change your life before it is too late. The hour of judgement has come and soon you will see my mighty hand shaking heaven and earth. Brotherly love must fill your heart! Lift up your brothers in righteousness, show forth the love of my Father into the Nations, love your neighbor as yourself and show mercy with all who have need. Follow the example of my first assemblies in the Book of Acts and learn from their ways of living in Love and Unity. Michael Triple Grace