Prophetic Word for the 26th of June 2019

Prophetic word for the 26th of June - My Flock, come to me! I am at the door and I am calling for you. My flock, come to me. Gather at my voice so that I can take you to heaven. Your time has come to leave the world because tribulations are at the doorstep. I have come to take you to myself as my bride. My flock, come to me! Not all who claim to be from me will be taken and some who vanish will be a surprise for many. I know your heart and my bride is without spot and wrinkle. Are you worthy to escape all things that are coming down to the earth? Have you taken care of the Lazarus at your Gate? Have you lifted up the needy and taken care of the nameless and faceless? Did you listen to my prophets who showed you the open door or have your remained in the world with all its pleasures? My flock knows my voice and will come to me! Michael Triple Grace