Prophetic Word for the 11th of July 2019

Prophetic Word for the 11th of July 2019 - Your time has come! Stand up and enter through the open gate onto the path that will lead you to my Holy Mountain - Mt. Zion. My power has come down to the earth and my children will make a stand against the evil forces and will draw a line in the sand. Your time has come! You will shine forth your light of righteousness for all to see and the people will call you child of the Most High and blessed among many. I have taken you through many miseries and dry places and you have never given up on me and kept my words even in the darkest hours. Now your reward has come and I will bestow onto you my blessings and my powers for all to see. You will walk as an example of being a true son or daughter of the living GOD. Your time has come! Now you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and then you will walk into the Nations. Michael Triple Grace