Prophetic Word for the 28th of July 2019

Prophetic Word for the 28th of July 2019 - Helpful people Helpful people are needed to lead my end time army towards Mount Zion. Elders and leaders are required to collect my tribes for the Great Exodus. Supporters and Sponsors will provide the financial needs, prayer groups will cover the movement in the Holy Spirit and prophets will show the path forward. Helpful people are needed! Do you have my calling to sponsor my move, my exodus out of the world? Do you have an urging to become a leader? Do you come together in prayer groups and do you listen to my prophets? My spirit is resting on the move out of Babylon and Moses and Elijah are sent to restore my Glory. Helpful people are needed! Step out of your daily life and become a helper, supporter or sponsor of my end time army that is ready to move onto the path to Mount Zion. Michael Triple Grace