Prophetic Word for the 6th of August 2019

Prophetic Word for the 6th of August 2019 - A new mantle I am giving out new mantles to my faithful followers. Mantles of prophecy, prayers, healing, teaching and apostleship. You will receive a mantle that will fit your purpose and that you can fill at the place I have given you. A new mantle These new mantles will lift you up in your faith and will evaluate you onto a new level of understanding. What was once closed before your eyes will now be opened. New truth will be added to you and you will see the heavenly kingdom with new eyes. The veil that had covered your sight will be removed. A new mantle New power and glory will be part of this mantle but be aware that it needs a clean heart and a sober mind to walk in this mantle. You will receive a new mantle! Michael Triple Grace

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