Prophetic Word for the 7th of August 2019

Prophetic Word for the 7th of August 2019 - Your journey will start Have you prepared well for the new journey through the wilderness towards my holy mountain? Have you all what you need to walk through a desert? I will walk in front of you and Michael behind you and we will protect you from all calamities. Manna will be given from Heaven and quails will appear as from nowhere. Your journey will start Step out of the old in confidence and trust that the Father will take care of you. You will not walk into any snare nor will you ever be in danger. Take the leap of faith and leave your world behind. Forsake Babylon for a greener pasture so that I can rapture you into paradise. Your journey will start Travel light, do not take things from your old life but look at the flowers in the field that have nothing but are closed by my Father so beautifully. It is a matter of faith and trust that all things will be restored to perfection. Trust in my Father alone and walk the new journey. Michael Triple Grace