Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2019

Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2019 - The promised Land The time is approaching when I will gather my true sons and daughters at the base of my holy mountain. A great multitude clothed in white that nobody can number will worship me. To them will I give entrance to my holy place and guide them into paradise. They are the faithful that have cleaned their garments in the blood of the lamb and in complete obedience to my words. The promised Land My son has promised you spiritual mansions and you will receive them on my holy mountain - Mount Zion. From that day forward will you be with me and my only begotten son Jesus forever and ever. A promised land is awaiting you, as it had the Israelites. Walk in Spirit and Truth on the narrow path towards it. Leave the world and Babylon behind, come out of the old and listen to my small voice. The promised Land I will guide you the valley of death with tables filled of abundance. You will never miss anything and you will receive double of what you had before. Just walk the narrow, middle path that my prophets are showing you and listen to my small voice that you hear in your heart. Michael Triple Grace